Intelligent Alarm AR6000c

Intelligent detection system

Manufactured by Security Alarms & Co.


The home security system, ARHUB, analyses all suspicious noises in every room of your home, whether on a single or several floors, and triggers siren BEFORE a door or a window is opened.

Shock detection

Better than a human ear,
the technology is able to detect sounds below 20Hz


2 powerful sirens at 130 dB

Tamper resistant

4 anti-tampering systems including anti-jamming

ABS plastic case

Excellent resistance to shock


A high-performance sensor


History of past events

An alarm system which exposes the intruder on the outside so that they do not break into your premises.

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Pets friendly

Home security system, which is not triggered by pets,
regardless of their size.

Notifications by phone

As soon as suspicious activity is detected, whether it is an intrusion, call for help, tamper, alarm warns you immediately.

Safe - without cables

No cables, easy to cut.
No holes to drill.
Stay safe will mobile technology.

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Remote keyfob
Door / window contact
Gateway and App ARHUB