Infrasound Alarm AR6000

How does it work


Originally designed for the military use, the Alert Rouge infrasonic alarm system detects and analyses vibrations and change in air pressure caused by a tentative of intrusion, dissuades and alerts immediately, when a door or a window is forced open.


Analyses all noises
in my entire house


Detects changes
in the environment caused by an external impact


Innovative dual-level noise filtering technology immetiately detects unwanted noise and triggers the alarm

Alerte Rouge senses break-in attempts, triggers alarm and alerts you while an intruder is still on the outside. According to police, in 95% of cases, the intruder leaves when hearing the alarm.

Compare Alerte Rouge home security system


Traditional system


Traditional alarm systems as well and DYI solutions use motion and door opening detectors. They are adapted to the protection of your home, but they fail to do what is most important: dissuade and inform before something unusual happens.

Alerte Rouge System


Easy to use, the Alerte Rouge alarm system triggers the siren immediately and BEFORE the intrusion. It is perfectly adapted to your live, allowing free movement when activated. And it is pets friendly! Advanced dual-level technology filters the information and notifies you immediately in case any suspicious activity is detected.

Traditional system Alerte Rouge
Protects all rooms Not always Yes
Triggers siren immediately No Yes
Allows presence of animals No Yes
Requires subscription Yes No
Easy to move No Yes
Installation Time Days Hours
Rate of false alerts > 95% < 5%

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