Battery Service and Recycling

All rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and may eventually need to be serviced or recycled. Your own battery’s lifespan will vary depending on how you use your device as well as the settings you choose for it.

Use Security Alarms & Co. or an authorized installer for service.

If you need to charge your battery more and more frequently, it might be time to service it. For products with built-in batteries, the batteries should be serviced by Security Alarms & Co. or an authorized installer.

We'll recycle your battery responsibly.

Putting any battery directly in the trash is dangerous for the environment and for those who live in it. By servicing your Security Alarms & Co. batteries only through Security Alarms & Co. or a Security Alarms & Co. authorized installer, you can be sure they’ll be recycled with respect for the earth. You can recycle your entire device with us, battery included.