Alarm that protects BEFORE the unusual happens


for my office



What a burglar fears most
is being detected

AR6000c alarm system triggers the alarm immediately and BEFORE the intrusion.


Knowing what happens in my office

I can be warned on my smartphone when something unusual happens or connect to a 24/7 monitoring and intervention services.


Receiving alerts in case of smoke detection

and even in case of floods or detection of carbon monoxide…


Intelligent access control

I activate the alarm by simply passing the badge.
If I want to use the codes, If I want to use the codes, it is also possible and the number of users is ... unlimited!


Access control management

I manage access control for my office and schedules from my computer

The most sophisticated access control

What is safer than my fingerprint or my iris scan ?
Protect my business with what is the safest.


No more doubts with a video surveillance

I access the HD camera directly from my computer or a smartphone.

Customised installation adapted to my needs, done by professionals

Security Alarms & Co. with its more than 30 years of experience in the field of home security.

Our experts will carry out security check with you, demonstration of the infrasonic alarm system and give you a customised quote based on your needs at no cost or commitment.

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