How does Security Alarm’s Alerte Rouge ® alarm system work to detect break-ins before they happen?

The Security Alarms’ anti-intrusion alarm system Alerte Rouge ® is fitted with a powerful sensor and advanced algorithms to detect and to filter vibrations generated by all doors and windows at the moment of attempt of intrusion. Alerte Rouge ® differentiates normal events, such as wind, knocks, animals from potential dangers. At the moment of shock and before the door or window is opened, the Alerte Rouge ® instantly triggers a powerful 130 dB siren and sends an alert to your smartphone. It can also send notifications to additional family members or friends.

What are the benefits of the Alerte Rouge ® home alarm system?

For more than 20 years in Switzerland, Security Alarms, has provided with smart, simple and secure alarm solution to protect thousands of homes and businesses.

  1. Prevent break-ins before they happen
  2. The Alerte Rouge ® intelligent noise filtering system detects break-ins before they happen. The alarm censoring system differentiates normal events, such as wind, knocks, and animals, detects the noises generated from the potential danger and triggers a powerful siren when the intruder is still on the outside.

  3. A single device that protect entire home whether on one or several floors
  4. Alarm is fitted with integrated sirens and sensors necessary to protect all windows and doors. It can be coupled with a number of door/window sensors, smoke, flood detectors, and a number of other accessories, providing tailor made reliable solution for each customer. Please contact our professional security advisor for free advice and perfect full protection for your home.

  5. Simple to use
  6. Wire free. Code free. The system is controlled with a single touch on a key fob. No zones to activate, it is a full protection of the entire house at any moment in time.

  7. Pets friendly
  8. Pets can roam free. The alarm can be activated with the presence of people and animals.

  9. Low rate of false alerts
  10. For over 20 years of constant research and development in Security Alarms’ research centers in England and Switzerland, an in-depth knowledge and understanding on the noise filtering technology have been accumulated to warrant an extremely low rate of false alerts of the home alarm system Alerte Rouge ® and to have thousands of happy customers in Switzerland.

Does the alarm system alert police?

The alarm system does not alert the police automatically. In many cases, police requires visual confirmation in order to react. Having a visual confirmation through a smart camera could be an option.

Can I connect alarm Alerte Rouge ® to an alarm monitoring and surveillance companies?

Yes! Home alarm Alerte Rouge ® can be equipped with a notifications device to sent alerts to you, your friends and family. Alternatively, our installers can program the notifications to be sent to a local monitoring and surveillance company. Security Alarms partner with all major monitoring and surveillance companies in your region. The choice is yours!

Is alarm system Alerte Rouge ® compatible with other systems or accessories?

The Security Alarms’ home alarm system Alerte Rouge ® and its accessories form an integral and exclusive solution that protects the entire home that works only with Security Alarms’ accessories. It cannot be technically integrated with the existing alarm systems. However, a number of our customers use Alerte Rouge ® as a complementary solution to their existing installation with door/window sensors and PIRs.

Is Security Alarms’ alarm system suitable for professionals and businesses?

Of course! In fact it is a perfect solution to protect the entire surface with a single device. The home alarm system can be coupled with various access control systems, such as Glutz, KABA. For an optimum solution that fits your requirements, please ask for an appointment with our specialist.

What is the difference between Alerte Rouge® and Security Alarms?

Alerte Rouge ® is the alarm system exclusively developed and manufactured by Security Alarms. In some markets, Alerte Rouge® is also known by its operational names such as: MRS, AR5000, AR6000 etc. Alerte Rouge ®, MRS, AR5000, AR6000 and its derivatives are the registered trademarks of Security Alarms & Co. S.A.

I’ve got good door and window locks so why should I consider an anti-intrusion alarm system?

It is a fact that in a given area of houses, the properties without an intruder alarm are more likely to be targeted by potential burglars. The enemy of any burglar is being disturbed or detected. The Alerte Rouge ® alarm system from Security Alarms sensors the attempt of intrusion, not only the frame impact but also a windows’ break-in, without additional sensors fitted. At the moment of detection, the anti-intrusion alarm system Alerte Rouge ® instantly triggers a powerful siren which they cannot silence, it leaves no time to break-in. In 95% when burglars hear the siren, they leave before the intrusion.

Alarms are expensive aren't they?

Not nearly as expensive as 10 years ago when the average alarm system could cost up to CHF10’000. The Alerte Rouge ® typical installation cost is CHF 2’500-3’500 (without VAT). No need to economize the budget on installation, Alerte Rouge ® from Security Alarms protects the entire house whether it is on one or several floors. The cost varies only depending on the options you would want to add to an intruder alarm’s system: cameras, notification options, smoke, flood detectors, etc.

I want an alarm but I’ve got a cat and a dog that will set it off?

No problem! Security Alarms’ Alerte Rouge ® does not set off with the movement of pets, no matter their size. It’s powerful censoring system filters out the usual noises and detects only what is necessary. Some of our customers live with the alarm activated at all times!

I’m not very good with technology. Will the alarm be easy to use?

Alerte Rouge ® alarm system is very intuitive and is simple to use. No complicated codes to memorize, it is controlled by personalized key fobs, which gives a full control over who can access the house. Of course, you can have a control panel with codes if you prefer, however you don’t really need one, the key fobs make life so easy that codes are rarely used.

I want an alarm but I don’t want to see any cables or have to re-decorate?

No cables or wires. The Alerte Rouge ® from Security Alarms’ is a 100% wireless solution.

I don’t want false alarms activating the alarm all the time. How to avoid this?

Intruder alarm system from Security Alarms’ is fitted with advanced filtering intelligent sensors developed and improved in our research centers in England and in Switzerland for over 24 years! It guaranties a very low rate of false alarms in contrary to a traditional system, where the rate of false alerts is over 95%. This coupled with the professional installation, ensures that false alarms from within the system are very unlikely.

Why don’t I just buy a cheap DIY alarm and fit it myself?

If you purchase an intruder alarm from a DIY store and fit it yourself, there is no back up help if it goes faulty and you may not be able to stop the siren from sounding, which can be especially annoying for you and your neighbors at 3am in the morning! The Alerte Rouge ® comes with 24 months warranty and all our installers are trained for giving a proper support needed. In most cases, the DIY alarm solution is not recognized by the insurance.

Can I set Security Alarms’ alarm at night if I’m in the house?

Of course! You can activate alarm at night all the time, and move freely when the alarm is activated, having peace of mind when asleep.

What happens if the electrical power goes down?

All parts of the alarm system are equipped with the long lasting back up battery and can operate without battery for around 6 days in normal environment. If connected to the notification’s transmitter, the system sends a notification in case of power outage and when the power is restored.

How often do I need to do the maintenance on the alarm system?

The alarm system has long lasting batteries, however, it is your security and it is advisable to do a regular check on the functioning of the alarm system. The alarm battery’s life in normal conditions is approximately 4 years. Radio accessories’ battery life is approximately 24 months. These components require checkup and maintenance. A number of customers, that do annual control and maintenance of the system, have Alerte Route ® operational for over 20 years!

Where can I get a new user manual for my Security Alarms’ Alerte Rouge ®?

If you require a new user manual for your alarm system please follow this link to find the right manual. If you cannot find it here, please contact us here if you cannot find a manual you are looking for and we will send you one.