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Security Alarms & Co., my security partner


The AR6000c Alarm

My solution which acts before the intrusion happens



Full Protection

All-in-one security; the alarm adapts to the size of my home


Intelligent detection

A single device to cover all rooms, whether it is on one or several floors



In harmony with my day-to-day life

Security system that allows a free movement inside of the house and is pets friendly

alarme alerte rouge

Early warning

The alarm goes off even BEFORE the intruder enters

In 95% of cases, intruders flee when they hear a siren



Detects and alerts before something unusual happens


No wires and no complicated codes


Originally designed for military use

Avoid the intrusion before it happens


Traditional system


The detectors placed in the house have blind spots; the intruder is detected inside the house.

AR6000c home security system


The entire area is fully covered; the home system triggers when the intruder is still on the outside and he flees when being detected.

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What do customers say ?

  • User

    A system that makes our house peaceful and secure.

    October 8.

    Soon after we moved here, we experienced a break-in, with all the consequences that it entails; so we decided to install Security Alarms' system. It has been 2 years since my family and I moved here,
    and now we feel safe in our new home.


    The wireless alarm
    that we were missing...…

    September 20.

    We tried two burglary resistant alarm systems in the past. Finally, we opted for the Alerte Rouge system, because it is resistant to signal jamming: an increasingly common practice perpetrated by burglars.

  • User

    Our retirement is much more relaxing.

    August 10.

    When we retired a few years ago, we became more vulnerable to burglaries. Following a recommendation from a friend, Security Alarms installed our systems almost a year ago now. It has already saved us from two burglary attempts!


    Perfect for our business.

    June 18.

    With an upsurge in burglaries in Switzerland and in Lausanne in particular in recent years, we opted for Alerte Rouge during early summer. We are delighted with the security this detector provides us, and since it was installed the alarm has already scared off one thief who was attempting to break into our premises!

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